Research & Development

research and developmentResearch & development motivates us every day, and underline our skill in engineering better filtration materials. As a traditional company active in the (circular) knitting and weaving sector, we have understood that we cannot only develop new things by the demands and expectations of our customers.

Plugging in a mesh filter (picture: alliance partner ECN Netherlands)
Plugging in a mesh filter (picture: alliance partner ECN Netherlands)

We have installed our own service team to facilitate research or research from third parties and to empirically investigate new methods and technics under normal working conditions.
This every day reflecting procedure motivates the entire Averinox-team, and underline our passion for what we do.

Averinox participates for example in obtaining energy from Biomass resources. The TORWASH process removes 99 % of salts from wet and saline biomass like reed, grass, leaves and digested manure and increases the caloric value of the biomass. The product of the TORWASH process, a pressed pellet (see picture below) can be used in regular incineration or power plants for energy generation without negative effects

The Torwash process is proved on a laboratory scale at the Dutch Energy Research Center Netherlands (ECN).The TORIPO project has started in september 2010. Coming 3 years a consortium consisting of ECN, Averinox, Triqua and LEAF will develop a pilot installation for the Torwash project.

Within this collaboration, Averinox engages in the dewatering of the wastewater, which is produced during the TORWASH process. Special equipped dewatering equipment will be developed and applied for this project.

Together with various partners, we develop new and /or we innovate existing materials for a wide range of applications. The following examples of innovations of existing materials for new applications play a role in the development of fuel cells.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development

Please feel free to contact us. Your challenge might be our common approach!


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