General Filtration

Averinox advises in many general filtration issues. In general, a distinction is made between:

▪ solid / solid separation
▪ solid / liquid separation
▪ liquid / liquid separation
▪ gas / liquid separation

Our employees have more than 25 years experience in the application of products and solutions, mainly made out of wire, such as woven & knitted wire mesh and perforated screens. Materials are for example metals like copper, aluminium, stainless steel, Monel™ [*], Inconel™ [*], Hastelloy™ [*], Duplex™ [*] and industrial synthetics like Polyester, PE, PP, Saran™ [*].

Furthermore, Averinox supplies also specific components for reactors and pressure vessels, mainly in the particular petro (chemical) industry, based on mechanical design, or for a number of applications based on process design or process licensor’s specification. Basic materials such as wire, plate and woven mesh are stock items, in order to guarantee a quick delivery in case of shut-downs or which can be composed to fabrics or perforated plate according to your specification.

cutaway example of a pleated filter

Here below you can find examples of scope of supply, materials and composite / derivative products, which we supply within the product group General Filtration. Click on any picture or title for more examples and details.


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