Operations Overview Averinox

Our operations are divided into the following (main) groups:

Filtration & Separation

Averinox supplies, maintains & updates plants for solid/liquid dewatering, drying and transportation, in a wide range of (industrial) applications, including a 24-hour service facility. Furthermore we develop & supply  materials and solutions for a wide range of filtration and separation issues, mainly based on woven & knitted wire mesh and perforated media. Examples: industrial waste water treatment, drying of products in the food processing and filtration of media in the petrochemical industry. More information can be found here: Filtration & Separation

Filtration & Separation is further divided into General Filtration and Dewatering & Drying

Supports &  Shielding

Averinox develops and provides supports, inlays & supporting elements for filtration and separation media and many other (industrial) products. Examples: screens and supports for catalyst support grids, shielding for EMI shielding, gaskets and sealings, air filtration parts, membrane supports and caging mesh for cable connections. Averinox: adequate service and delivery of key products from stock. More information can be found here: Supports & Shielding

Supports & Shielding is further divided into Filtration & Separation Supports and Industrial Mesh Supports & Inlays

Research & Development

Development & Innovation is a continuous process within Averinox. In addition, we anticipate on market demand and develop together with you, the most cost-effective solution with minimal down-time and flexible delivery. Averinox participates for example in (European) R & D projects, including obtaining energy from biomass. More information can be found here: Research & Development

Impression of a woven metal belt
Impression of a woven metal belt


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